About Movie Plot Website

Hallo please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mr.Plot, I am a movie enthusiast, I always watch movies at least once movie every single day, drama genre movies often makes me always waiting for what wisdom of the philosophical meaning is given, what the life lessons can be taken, although sometimes I was baffled by the scenario, make me bored with the cinematography and even sleepy because the deserted sound effects, though the plot of drama movie many time makes me cringe because the power of its dialogue. I’m always curious about the horror movies, what creepy creature that will occur on the movie, what ghost will emerge, what tragedy behind all spooky experiences by the main character, whereas many horror films that the plot is almost the same, a family, residents new home, strange noises, possession, exorcism, and so on, in the movie’s plot is also often a scene that is more in shocking than terrifying, but even so sometimes I just paranoid after watching. Romantic movies always make me gone within wild imagination, not because the scene but because of the love story in the movie is nearly perfect or maybe is not possible to be that bad. Action movies often makes me interested in seeing scenes of the actors, whether they use a stuntman or are they doing stunts itself, or even just CGI, and I always admired if in the film there is a scene in slow motion with frame high resolution, capable of displaying moving images with a focus on exceptional detail. Silliness in the comedy got me hooked, even when I watch it again then I will back laughing, acting the cast sometimes is not so prominent, the strength of the hilarious dialogue combined with the ridiculous events could make acting seemed unimportant, except for a few actors and actresses that when they come out minimally cab make us smile even if only with little bit of acting. I am always excited by the science fiction movie or sci-fi because it is not a problem it makes sense or not the film but how the plot runs are based on knowledge, capable of realizing something that at first glance seemed not possible, is the genre of this movie is always welcomed by those who open minded.

This site I set up was to be a creative part of a film work, as well as a place for me to recount the movies I watch, either download or watch streaming online, although now is more difficult to be able to watch a movie that still premiere or a box office movie, and we, film lovers understand because filmmakers studio, motion picture, director, actress and actor also need support by our participating to buy movie theater tickets or buy the original DVD. Therefore, I also will need your support to help share this website so I always choose watching movies in cinema, buying ticket in theater rather than downloading and streaming it online.

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