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In an alternate Egypt, the world is flat and gods stay amongst mortal people. The Egyptian gods are distinguished from people by their higher top, golden blood, and skill to rework into animal-headed deity varieties.

Bek, a mortal thief with little religion in gods and their good will in the direction of mortals, together with his love Zaya are attending the coronation of Horus, lord of the air, by his father, the abdicating King of Egypt Osiris. Horus is proven preparing for his coronation as his love Hathor (Goddess of Love) surprises him. Horus hints at marriage they usually talk about Hathor’s safety bracelet fabricated from the celebrities which Horus gave to her to guard and save her from her earlier function as a information to useless souls within the underworld. Nonetheless, throughout the ceremony Osiris is killed by his jealous brother Set, god of the desert, who seizes the throne and declares a brand new regime the place the useless should pay with riches to cross into the afterlife. Horus is stripped of his eyes, that are the supply of his energy, and nearly killed. Hathor pleads with Set to spare him and he’s as a substitute exiled. Hathor turns into an enslaved mistress to Set.

Sinopis Film Gods of Egypt

A yr later Bek has been working as a slave constructing monuments, whereas Zaya is now beneath the possession of the chief architect Urshu. Believing that Horus is the one one who can defeat Set, she offers Bek the floorplans to Set’s treasure vault. Bek is ready to steal again one in every of Horus’ eyes . Nonetheless, Urshu finds out about their theft and kills Zaya because the couple flee. Bek takes her physique to the blind Horus and makes a cut price: Horus agrees to bringing Zaya again from the lifeless for his eye and Bek’s data about Set’s pyramid.

Later, they’re travelling to Ra’s divine vessel above the Earth. Horus is unable to persuade Ra to regrant him his energy in full or to intervene and defeat Set himself, as Ra is each impartial about their battle and day by day at struggle with an unlimited shadow beast, Apophis, that threatens to devour the world. Nonetheless, Horus obtains divine waters from Ra’s vessel, which can be utilized at Set’s pyramid to extinguish the desert thirst and weaken him gravely. Ra tells Horus that his weak spot is the results of him not fulfilling his future, which Horus believes means avenging his mother and father’ deaths.

Set asks Hathor to take him to the underworld which he subsequent wishes to overcome, however she refuses and manages to flee. Ultimately, Hathor finds Bek and Horus. Horus at first does not belief her, as she is Set’s mistress who had blinded him, whereas she tries to persuade him that Set is her enemy as properly. After they inform her of their plan relating to Set’s pyramid, she warns them of a guardian sphinx who will kill anybody not smart sufficient to unravel a riddle. The group then heads to the library of Thoth the god of knowledge, recruiting him to unravel the riddle.

Arriving at Set’s shrine, they overcome its traps, together with the sphinx, to achieve the supply of Set’s energy. However earlier than they’ll pour the divine water in, Set traps them and divulges Horus’ deception to Bek: that he’s unable to carry Zaya again from the lifeless. Set destroys their flask of divine water and kills Thoth by taking his mind, however Horus is ready to save Hathor and Bek.

Horus admits earlier than the enraged Bek to caring extra about his revenge than the mortals. Hathor feels guilt for not exposing the deception, and because the goddess of affection helps the doomed lovers. She sacrifices her personal security for Zaya’s cost into the afterlife, by giving Bek the protecting bracelet which stops the underworld souls from overwhelming her and calling Anubis to take him to Zaya. Subsequently, she lets herself be dragged to the underworld, whereas Horus realizes that he nonetheless loves her.

Having obtained Thoth’s mind, Osiris’s coronary heart, certainly one of Horus’s eyes and wings from Nephthys, Set has them mixed with himself. Set travels to Ra, interesting to his father for approval and asking why Osiris was favored, whereas he was denied management and youngsters. Ra claims that each one of Set’s prior mistreatments have been assessments getting ready Set for his true function, the respect and burden of taking Ra’s place because the defender of the world aboard his photo voltaic barge preventing in opposition to the demon Apophis. Set is dismayed to listen to his future is to be alone above the planet till he dies, and refuses. He needs to destroy the afterlife in order that he could be immortal. Ra tries to battle him, however can’t, as Set has taken the powers of the opposite gods. He then stabs Ra, taking his fiery spear of energy, and casts him off the boat, releasing Apophis to eat each the mortal and underword realms.

Bek finds Zaya who refuses Hathor’s reward as she would not need an afterlife with out Bek, however then Apophis assaults and the gate to the afterlife is closed. Bek returns to the mortal world the place Horus is amazed that Bek nonetheless desires to assist take down Set, however Bek tells him it was Zaya who informed him to, as she nonetheless has religion in Horus.

Horus climbs up the outer wall of an obelisk Set is standing on and makes an attempt to battle him, however is closely outmatched. Bek ascends on the within and joins the battle eradicating Horus’s stolen eye from Set’s armor, being wounded within the course of. As Bek slides towards the sting of the obelisk, he throws the attention towards Horus who should select to catch it or save Bek as an alternative. Horus reaches for Bek and apologizes for all he has put him by. As they plummet towards the bottom, Horus finds that he now has the ability to remodel into his divine kind, and he catches Bek and flies him to security. Horus realizes that it wasn’t the restoration of his eye or revenge that was his future, it was the safety of his those that he wanted to battle for. Now Horus has the energy for battling Set, and he features the obelisk and kills him. After the battle and Set’s demise, he then finds Ra wounded and floating in area and returns his spear to him, permitting Ra to as soon as once more repel Apophis.

As Horus returns to Bek, a toddler holds out his different eye which she has discovered, whereas individuals cheer him. However Horus’s pleasure turns to disappointment as he arrives to search out Bek dying. Horus carries him to Osiris’s tomb and lays him beside Zaya. Ra, his grandfather, arrives and presents to bestow any energy on him to repay Horus for his life and Egypt’s survival, however all Horus desires is bringing Bek and Zaya again to life. The opposite gods are additionally revived and have their attributes restored. Horus is topped king by Thoth and declares the afterlife shall be for individuals who do good on the earth. Bek is made chief advisor, and he provides Horus again Hathor’s bracelet, letting Horus depart to rescue her from the underworld.

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