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Nobody (and we imply nobody) was asking for a sequel to the 2008 PG-13 horror movie The Haunting of Molly Hartley, however 20th Century Fox felt just like the horror style was missing only one extra possession movie, so that they dug The Haunting of Molly Hartley up in an effort to give it this pointless, lazy sequel. We all know how a lot all of you had been dying to know no matter occurred to Molly Hartley, so we thought we might prevent the time of getting to take a seat by means of this slog of a movie referred to as The Exorcism of Molly Hartley and simply inform you!

First off, the movie utterly retcons the top of the primary movie. For those who can handle to recollect any element of that movie, good for you. I watched it final evening and I’ve already forgotten most of it (sure, I sat by way of each of this stuff inside a 24-hour interval). To recap: Molly Hartley (Haley Bennett within the first movie, Sarah Lind within the sequel) was stillborn on a restroom flooring, so her mother and father made a take care of a mysterious girl (the Satan) to carry her again to life. The catch? They’d solely have Molly for 18 years, after which she would belong to the Satan. Additionally, everybody on the town gave the impression to be Satan worshippers, when Molly’s beau (Chace Crawford) and steerage counselor (Nina Siemaszko) had been revealed to be in on the plan (it’s talked about within the sequel that she died between movies, which, alright). The steering counselor was truly revealed to be the Satan, however that reality is totally discarded within the sequel. Molly was revealed to have been utterly given over to the Satan by the tip of the movie, which was the only real second of inspiration in an in any other case lackluster movie.

Sinopis Film The Exorcism of Molly Hartley

Relatively than discover a life the place Molly is now an apostle of Devil, The Exorcism of Molly Hartley chooses to be one more generic possession movie, full of tropes we now have seen numerous occasions earlier than, ever since The Exorcist got here out practically 50 years in the past. Six years have handed for the reason that first movie ended, and Molly is now a associate on the monetary agency she works at. Little does she know that it’s about to be six years, six days and 6 hours since her 18th birthday, which implies that the Satan, whom she was impregnated with at the moment (wait, what? That wasn’t mentioned within the first movie!) is able to be born. I swear I’m not making this up

After celebrating her new partnership at work, Molly takes a pair dwelling for a threesome, offering loads of feminine T&A, however cuts away the second the person removes his pants. Evidently, these two folks find yourself useless in Molly’s bathtub stuffed with blood. The police present up the subsequent morning for a noise criticism that was reported the evening earlier than after which proceed to look Molly’s home with out a warrant. That’s some nice police work. Once they discover the corpses, they ship Molly to a Catholic psychological establishment (the movie simply skips over her trial).

Conveniently, at this identical establishment is Father Barrow (Devon Sawa, trying notably embarrassed to be right here), who was positioned there after an exorcism gone mistaken led to the deaths of one other priest and a younger lady. To be clear, Barrow pled madness to be put within the establishment over precise jail, but when Molly begins displaying indicators of possession, her therapist (Gina Holden, of Noticed 3D and the very underrated Harper’s Island) thinks it’s alright to have Barrow, a person who’s certifiably insane, carry out an exorcism on her.

What follows are your normally possession film tropes: Molly vomits inexperienced liquid, writhes round rather a lot, hangs the other way up like an inverted crucifix, makes the receptionist commit suicide in an act of devotion to devil, talks in a person’s voice, flaps her tongue, shoots bugs out of her mouth, and spells phrases on her pores and skin. There is no such thing as a originality to any of it, and the shortage of disgrace current within the movie is insulting.

The dialogue is even worse than you’ll think about, however essentially the most egregious instance of the movie ripping off one other movie’s dialogue is when a possessed Molly tells Father Barrow that there’s “No Molly, solely us” (the dubbing of the demon voice over Lind’s mouth is extraordinarily poor). There’s additionally a laugh-out-loud second within the opening scene the place a demon tells Barrow that he “will at all times be a idiot for the flesh.” It’s presupposed to be scary, however it all comes throughout as laughable.

After what looks as if an insanely lengthy period of time, Molly is supposedly exorcised and put again within the hospital, whereas Barrow is simply let free (regardless of his earlier sentencing to the establishment). It’s at about this level within the movie that you just understand there are nonetheless 30 minutes left in its runtime. “Pricey God,” you ask. “There’s extra?” Oh sure, it goes on and on.

To make a protracted story brief (too late), Molly will get kidnapped by the Chaplain of the establishment (Peter MacNeill), who’s revealed to be a follower of Devil. In the course of the ritual, the therapist seems (actually out of nowhere) and impales him with a pipe, and makes use of his physique as a human defend in opposition to his disciples. Then a bunch of bugs fly round and the evil disappears.

Lest you thought this was the tip of the movie, The Exorcism of Molly Hartley places a sequel tease in it’s ultimate body (possibly to be launched in one other seven years). A Satan bug manages to flee the room the place Molly was rescued from, fly to a faculty bus and crawl into the ear of an unsuspecting feminine pupil.

What’s most miserable concerning the existence of The Exorcism of Molly Hartley is that persons are going to confuse this with the infinitely higher The Exorcism of Emily Rose. We should all cease this from occurring, and now your curiosity has been indulged you may transfer on along with your lives. Please don’t watch this festering turd of a movie and definitely don’t give it any cash. Perhaps this may present studios that we would like higher possession films. One can dream, can’t one?

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